Real American Heroes Convention 2018

Real American Heroes Convention 2018

Tanggal: 21-22 Juli 2018
Tempat: Level 3 & 4, Kuningan City, Jakarta
Harga tiket masuk: Rp.25.000/hari

Real American Heroes Convention 2018

Meet your fave heroes at Real American Heroes Convention!

When? This weekend, 21-22 July 2018 at Level 3 & 4 Kuningan City
What? Superheroes, Comics, Community, Action Figures, Cosplay & Exhibition

Entry fee/voucher Rp25.000 each day (the voucher can be used as shopping voucher in all stores and cafes around Kuningan City during event period)

Get cashback Rp250.000 or 0% installment with Mandiri Credit Card, for every purchase inside RAHCON

Real American Heroes Convention 2018 - Rundown 1

Real American Heroes Convention 2018 - Rundown 2

Featuring :

  • Machipot Proudly Present
    MARVEL WAR ft Komunitas Marvel Indonesia cosplayer
  • Go Go Power Rangers!
    Our Power Rangers Cosplay will be on stage with new story and new super villain
  • Toy Elites Masterworks
    If you have big passion for Toys & Figures you must come!
    Sharing Session Toy Photography with Oscy Sutedjo & Mohammad Rahdhian L on July 21st
    Sharing Session Figure Painting with Apink Sant from Midas Paint on July 22nd
    Just come there and let us surprise you!
  • HRJOE Photography Photo Gallery
    Note: Avengers 4 final battle leaked (Spoiler warning). This time the gauntlet is successfully removed
  • Come and meet Mando’an Bounty Hunter Tribes
  • Spidey gang are here! Meet Spiderverse
  • Witness The show that you have never seen before in Jakarta, TRIBUTE To GUNS N’ ROSES cosplay show.

Info dan kontak:

  • Facebook: Kuningan City
  • Twitter & Instagram: @kuningan_city

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