“Online training course: RESULTS – BASED MANAGEMENT

Date: 23 November – 4 December 2020
The place: Online training

“Online training course: RESULTS - BASED MANAGEMENT

Are we doing the right thing?

Are our interventions leading us to our objectives?

Are we doing things in the right way?

How do we know?

This highly insightful course equips you with the knowledge and tools to answer these questions, and thus enables you to achieve sound results for your projects or programmes. It is a fully online course and you can participate from anywhere in the world. Register today: https://mdf.nl/results-based-management-online-0

Course objective
By the end of the course, you will:

  • Understand RBM concepts in a changing and complex context
  • Know how to improve RBM in the project cycle
  • Know various methods for planning and designing results and when to use them
  • Know how to analyse and manage risks for achieving results
  • Know what it takes as an organisation to improve RBM practices
  • Know how to measure complex change

Registration deadline
16 Nov 2020

Course fee
825 euros (excluding tax)

Special offers
5% discount for payments completed by 31 October 2020.
10% discount for MDF alumni who have attended an MDF course in the past two years.
1 FREE SEAT for a group of 6 registrations.

Info and contacts:

MDF Asia, Vietnam Office
Add: Room 501, A1 building, Van Phuc Diplomatic Compound,
298 Kim Ma Street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi, Vietnam
Email: mdfasia@mdf.nl
Phone: 84 (0)24 6258 4438

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