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Welcome in 2016, are you curious with the international of pulses 2016? Yeay and have you prepare to welcome International Pulses Day? Don’t worry, we prepare something for you! Let’s join in our program and it’s free for you to take a action as generation of nutrious seed for sustainable future.

Lalu, ada apa aja sih programnya?

Crowd Funding Youthagricareture

Youthagricareture is a real act of youth to increase the living standard of rural communities, by raising fund to

Donasi kalian akan didistribusikan ke 8 Village Concept Program (VCP) IAAS Indonesia, untuk mengembangkan pertanian disana.

You also can watch on our video :

IAAS Indonesia juga punya program SnapFood

Gimana caranya? gampang! Let’s finish our food to appreciate the farmer works. Then taking photo before and after of our food and post it on Instagram!¬†#finishyourfood

Let’s join and support for youthagricareture IAAS Indonesia, cause we are youth, Who else care to agriculture?

So, sesama anak muda, kuy tunjukkan aksi kita.. Iaas! Think globally, act locally!

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