Virtual Interview by EPSON

Tanggal : Agustus 2021 (menunggu kebijakan pemerintan perihal PPKM)
Tempat : Surabaya – Yogyakarta

Virtual Interview by EPSON

PT. Indonesia Epson Industry (IEI) is a leading printer manufacturing company. We manufacture various models of EPSON printers. During peak season more than 10,000 employees work in this factory to produce more than 1 million printers in a month, and all are for export market. Now IEI is looking for dynamic and professional people to join our team as:

We are looking for ENGINEERING with background ;

  1. D3-S1 Electrical/Elecronic Engineering
  2. D3-S1 Mechanical/Mechatronics Engineering
  3. D3-S1 Computer/ Computer Science/Physics/Statistic/Informatics Engineering
  4. D4-S1 Industrial Engineering
  5. D3-S1 Japanese Literature / Language
  6. S1 Psychology

For the position

  1. PCB Design Staff
  2. Firmware Design Staff
  3. Mechanical Design Staff
  4. Software Evaluation Staff
  5. Japanese Translator Staff
  6. (for Software/Firmware Evaluation)
  7. Software Engineer/ Full-Stack Developer
  8. Product Engineering Staff
  9. Key Component Production Engineering Staff
  10. Parts Engineering Staff
  11. Parts Production Staff
  12. Mold Manufacture Staff
  13. Product CSQA
  14. Cost Control Staff
  15. Logistic Staff
  16. Recruitment Staff


  • Shortlisted Candidates Will be  Contacted Via Email
  • All Recruitment Process Are Free of Charge

“Our company is highly committed to be not engaged with discrimination practices; all applicants have the same opportunities. We only select and verify the employee candidates genuinely based on their qualifications and competences that meet with the job requirements.”

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