Unpad Global Outreach and Exposure (U-GLOBE): Let’s Study in Unpad

Tanggal: 24 April 2021
Tempat: Online (Zoom)
HTM: Free

Unpad Global Outreach and Exposure (U-GLOBE): Let's Study in Unpad

[U-GLOBE: Let’s Study in Unpad!]

Are you an international student who aspires to widen your horizons on knowledge and culture?

Check this out!

Unpad Global Outreach and Exposure (U-GLOBE) invites you to get to know more about Universitas Padjadjaran; from the study programs and the available scholarships, to the life of an international student here. Our students and faculties will be happy to satisfy your curiosity!

You will also get the opportunity to learn basic Bahasa Indonesia in our BIPA Session, where an E-Certificate will be given for each participant.

This event is FREE!

Save the date!
24 April 2021
16:00 – 20:00 (GMT+7)
via Zoom

What are you waiting for? Register yourself at http://bit.ly/RegistrationUGLOBE
Check out our booklet at http://bit.ly/UnpadBrochure2021

Looking forward to having you in U-GLOBE and Unpad!

Instagram: @unpad_io
Line: @700qsvve
LinkedIn: Universitas Padjadjaran International Office
Facebook: Universitas Padjadjaran’s Global Relation and Advancements
Website: www.international.unpad.ac.id

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