TEDx ITB : Beyond the Grasp

TEDx ITB : Beyond the Grasp

Tanggal: 25-26 Mei 2018
Tempat: Institut Teknologi Bandung & The PanasDalam Bandung
Harga tiket masuk: Rp.150.000

TEDxITB : Beyond the grasp

Beyond the grasp is not only about understanding that there are things that we cannot see, it is a movement. A movement so vivid in meaning yet so subtle in its form that it would touch even the darkest of heart. Beyond the grasp seek to invite minds that dare to stand in the gray area of life to speak out the truth and share ideas that are truly worth spreading.

In its first ever appearance, TEDx ITB aims to break the boundaries standing in between our norms and what is beyond the grasp. TEDx seek to provide platform for our audience to share, listen, and talk about ideas that are truly worth spreading

be there! and witness where inspiration are made, idea is generated, and creative sparkles on the air!


  • Dina Dellyana
    • Lecturer and Director of Business Incubator “The GreaterHub” in SBM ITB
    • Owner of Glintz Shoes, External Relations Officer in BCCF
    • Electronic Music Composer
  • Muhammad Al-Hawari
    • Undergraduate in Electrical Engineering
    • Teacher in Padjajaran Language School
  • Nyoman Anjani
    • Automation Projects Manager at Unilever Indonesia
    • Founder of Pelita Muda
    • President of KM-ITB (2013)
  • Pidi Baiq
    • Pidi Baiq Novel Writer famous for his works on Dilan
    • Illustrator, Comic Writer and Musician.
  • Reynaldo Zoro
    • Lecturer, ‘Master Petir’, World-Class Researcher in the Field of Lightning

Here is a few small details that you might need to know about our event, Save the date for our TEDx event :


  • Date : Friday 25th May 2018
  • Venue : Institut Teknologi Bandung
  • Time : 13.30-18.00 WIB


  • Date : Saturday 26th May 2018
  • Venue : The PanasDalam Bandung
  • Time : 15.00-19.00 WIB

Note : The price of Rp.150.000,- is applied for all-in-one entrace tickets.
This includes for both main event and post event, souvenirs, certificate, and after-snack.

Join one of the most anticipated event in Bandung and ITB!
Fill our registration form in our profile page @tedxitb or click on the link: bit.ly/tedxitbregistrationform

Info dan kontak:

  • Twitter: @TEDxITBandung
  • Instagram: @tedxitb
  • Website: tedxitb.com
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