SOLAR TECH Surabaya 2018

SOLAR TECH Surabaya 2018

Tanggal: 21-23 November 2018
Tempat: Grand City Convex, Surabaya

SOLAR TECH Surabaya 2018

SOLAR TECH SURABAYA 2018  is the 5th International trade show in Indonesia for the solar industry that will provide a platform to showcase the wide range of there products and services of the business segments. Moreover, this trade show SOLAR TECH SURABAYA 2018 is also providing a facility for the business networking, marketing, and branding for your products among vast audiences. This trade show expects 2500 visitor and 650 exhibitors with these participants this trade exhibition is preparing opportunity for solar power and PV Technology from more than 17 countries.

Visitors Profile:
In SOLAR TECH SURABAYA 2018 attracts key industry associates; Government Officials, Professional Bodies, Researchers, Manufacturers, Traders, Building Sectors Associates, Solar Engineers, Technicians, Academicians, and other related to the solar industry.

Exhibitors Profile
At SOLAR TECH SURABAYA 2018 exhibitors will exhibit Solar Product-Solar Street Lamp, Lawn Lamp, Beacon Lights, Chargers, Lights, Agriculture Insecticide Lamps, Lights, Traffic Warring Lights, PV Product and Equipment, Solar Panels/Modules Products Equipment and many other things related solar industry.

The show is also conjunction with INAMARINE Surabaya, INAPA Surabaya, INAFASTENER Surabaya and INALIGHT Surabaya 2018

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