Software Engineering Workshop: Skills You Need to be a Great Python Developer

Tanggal: Saturday, 17 October 2020 | 13.00 – 17.00 WIB
Tempat: Zoom Live Webinar
HTM: Rp. 275.000

Software Engineering Workshop: Skills You Need to be a Great Python Developer

Python is a versatile programming language that is widely used in both data science and software engineering. Multifarious big tech companies such as Instagram, Coursera, and Udemy also uses a python-based framework in their processes. With joining this workshop, you will get the journey and hands-on experience to upskill and build a Python-based portfolio with Vidiskiu Fortino, Business Intelligence and Internal Tools at Bukit Vista.

In this class, you will learn about:

  • Audience understand the product management process
  • Audience understand how to create a database scheme
  • Audience understand the front-end and back-end operations process
  • Audience understand the introduction to the Django framework
  • Audience understand how to do unit testing process
  • Audience understand what can and cannot be done using Django
  • Building a CRUD web application using Django
  • Audience understand software engineering culture

This class is suggested for:

  • College Students
  • Fresh Graduates
  • Software Engineering Enthusiast
  • Junior to Mid-Level Professionals < 1 years of work experiences Software Engineer
  • Web Development Enthusiast
  • Content Creator / Writer / Blogger

In this class, you will get benefits:

  • E-certificate
  • Speaker’s deck
  • Knowledge and skills directly from well-curated experts
  • An exclusive networking session to get insight from the experts
  • Phyton-based repository portfolio

Pre-requisite for joining this class:

  • Python
  • Django Library
  • Text Editor (Visual Studio, Sublime, etc)
  • MySQL
  • GIT
  • Ngrok

(Pre-requisite installation link will be sent after registration)

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