Smart City Indonesia Expo 2017

Smart City Indonesia Expo 2017

Tanggal: 19-21 April 2017

Tempat: Great Western Convention Center, Banten-Indonesia

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Smart City Indonesia Expo 2017

Smart City Indonesia Expo 2017-Indonesia International Integrated Digital Infrastructure & Industrial Solutions.

Smart Cities Indonesia Expo 2017 expected to bring together business players, government officials, policy, decision makers, community leaders, smart city planners and Developers, taking on the challenge of creating a Smart City is an initiative aiming at building a local community where anyone is able to take part in society and pursuing both individual capacity development and the quality of life improvement

Product Exhibits :

  • Smart Manufacturing,
  • Smart IT & Communications,
  • Smart Water and Waste Management,
  • Smart Environment
  • Smart Security and Safety,
  • Smart Grid, Clean Energy,
  • Smart Buildings,
  • Smart Health,
  • Smart Transportation,
  • Smart Education,
  • Smart Disaster Management,
  • Smart Urban Planning

Info dan kontak:

Organizer : PT. Tiga Pilar Manajemen Indonesia
Phone : +6221 8792 8184
Email :
Web :