Sea To Sky 2017

Sea To Sky 2017

Tanggal: 29 Oktober 2017

Tempat: Lippo Carita Beach, Sukajadi, Carita, Pandeglang, Banten

 Sea To Sky 2017

Brutal Circuit, Jungle Marathon Indonesia 2017

Carita Beach is located in West Banten, Labuhan district, Padeglang regency, which is accessible by any land transportation and takes about 3 hours drive from Jakarta and has a great beach for swimming, as the water is relatively calm on this side of the island and great mountain and jungle for trail running.

Brutaleers will run through the white sand beach Carita, Carita countryside, rice fields and plantations, the mountain and forests, and also going through a river and waterfall curug gendang. The Route is challenging, and Brutaleers must join trail running race “Sea To Sky, Jungle Marathon Indonesia”.

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  • Telp/WA 1: 0899.222.7655 (Kiki)
  • Telp/WA 2: 0812.8661.1962 (Budcay)
  • Email:
  • Twitter: @jungleindonesia
  • Website:

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