Paper Competition Indonesia Accounting Fair 20

Paper Competition Indonesia Accounting Fair 20


  • Registration: November 13th 2018 – February 3rd 2019
  • Deadline of Paper Submission: February 10th 2019

Tempat: Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Universitas Indonesia
Pendaftaran: Rp. 200.000

Paper Competition Indonesia Accounting Fair 20

Indonesia Accounting Fair is the biggest and Oldest and the only international accounting fair in Indonesia helds by Student. We have some event, such accounting competition dan paper competition. Here is the email submit for the paper competition.


Hello future accountants!

We are proudly announce that IAF 20’s paper competition is now OPEN for registration!

What are you waiting for?? Gather up your friends and make a team with maximum of 2 people!

You can directly register your team and download our paper booklet from our website at

Don’t miss this opportunity to win TOTAL PRIZES of 8.000.000 IDR!

For any inquiry about our paper competition, please kindly contact us:

  • Fajran
    • line: mrizkifajran / phone: +6285212571812
  • Sadila
    • line: rsadila19 / phone: +6281288127965

Further information:

  • Website:
  • Official Line: @iaffebui
  • Twitter: @iaffebui
  • Instagram: @iaffebui
  • Facebook: Indonesia Accounting Fair



Info dan kontak:

Information and Registration: M. Rizky Fajran (line: mrizkifajran /

  • Phone: +6285212571812)
  • Marketing: Mei Liyanti (082272011957)

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