One Day Sale – Mal Artha Gading

One Day Sale – Mal Artha Gading

Tanggal: 9 Juni 2018
Tempat: Mal Artha Gading, Jakarta

One Day Sale - Mal Artha Gading

Mark the date!
9th June 2018!
With a lot of interesting offers!

Hey BIG Spender!
GET the :

TV LED Panasonic + Voucher Discovery Bali
Polygon Nevada + Voucher Discovery Bali
14.00-17.00WIB, and
Oppo F7+ Voucher Discovery Bali
17.00-21.00WIB! .

Get Cashback MAG Gift Voucher
IDR 150.000 every purchase of IDR 300.000!
Start from 13.00-16.00WIB!

Hourly SurPrizes!
Get VIP Card of @eatstreetjakarta
(IDR150.000) every purchase of IDR500.000!
From 16.00-21.00WIB!

And any other promotion from our Tenants!

Info dan kontak:

  • Facebook: Mal Artha Gading
  • Twitter & Instagram: @malarthagading

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