Moslem Fashion Festival Indonesia (MUFFEST) 2017

Moslem Fashion Festival Indonesia (MUFFEST) 2017

Tanggal: 7-9 April 2017

Tempat: Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), Jakarta

Moslem Fashion Festival Indonesia (MUFEST) 2017

Muslim Fashion Festival (MUFFEST) Indonesia, an annual muslim fashion event whose aim is to strengthen Indonesia’s economy through local muslim fashion industry. The idea of MUFFEST is triggered by the vision of Indonesia’s government to make Indonesia as the muslim fashion center of the world, and reinforced by the growth of local muslim fashion industry in recent years. MUFFEST intends to improve the standard of designers, entrepreneurs, and other stakeholders involved in this industry, to compete internationally.

MUFFEST features a variety of activities, including fashion shows featuring a diverse collection of muslim ready-to-wear from local designers and brands, ranging from a conventional style to an urban style; exhibitions (trade fairs) which bring together creators of muslim fashion in Indonesia with their customers from numerous countries; and supported by inspiring activities such as competitions, seminars, talk shows, and workshops.

MUFFEST expects to create muslim fashion creators that have a solid business foundation and a high-aspect of creativity to produce innovative designs and push the boundaries of international standards. (More info :

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