LISat Symposium 2016 – Bogor

LISat Symposium 2016 – Bogor

Tanggal: 25 – 26 Oktober 2016

Tempat: IPB Int. Convention Center Botani Square, Bogor

Biaya pendaftaran: Rp. 300.000 (Non-paper participant)

LISat Symposium 2016 - Bogor

Since 2010, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) and the National Institute of Aeronautics and Space of Indonesia (LAPAN) have committed to work together in developing satellite in order to support the food security and environmental monitoring program in Indonesia. The LAPAN-IPB Satellite called “LISat” is designed and developed by LAPAN, and IPB will be responsible for developing algorithm and datasets application, in order to support the food security and environmental monitoring program. The LISat satellite will be launched in the mid of 2016 with PSLV Rocket in Sriharikota, India. Moreover, LAPAN-IPB collaboration is also intended to enhance the role of environmental satellite data such as NOAA, MODIS, LANDSAT and others, in order to more effectively support the research in agricultural, forestry, climate and marine resources.


  • Keynote Speakers
    • National Institute of Aeronautics and Space of Indonesia/LAPAN (Prof. Thomas Djamaluddin)
    • Ministry of Agriculture (Kementan)
    • Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK)
    • Ministry of Marine and Fisheries (KKP)
    • Indonesian Agency for Meteorological, Climatological and Geophysics (BMKG)
  • Invited Speakers
    • Dr. Nasreen Islam Khan (International Rice Research Institute, Philippines)
    • Prof. Dr. Dewayany Sutrisno (MAPIN, Indonesian Society of Remote Sensing, Indonesia)
    • Prof. Fusayuki Kanda (Department of Biology, Hokkaido University of Education, Japan)
    • Dr. Murray Collins (School of Geoscience, University of Edinburgh, Scotland)

Symposium Topics

The scope of this symposium encompasses to four domains (fields areas) supporting the food security and environmental monitoring as follows: agriculture, marine and fisheries, forest, and climate, in terms of beneficial use of satellite technology. These field areas include, but not limited to:

  • Agriculture
    • Crop growth and production estimation
    • Drought and flood assessment
    • Soil conservation
    • Land conversion and urban development
    • Precision agriculture
  • Marine and Fisheries
    • Potential fishery zone (PFZ)
    • Vulnerable shoreline
    • Global carbon cycle
    • Planning and management
    • Dynamics modelling in marine system
    • Blue carbon assessment
  • Forestry
    • Forest degradation and deforestation
    • Forest fire assessment
    • Biodiversity conservation
    • Mangrove management
    • Vegetation density mapping
    • Forest resource evaluation
    • Forest carbon and biomass
  • Climate
    • Climate change and variability
    • Disaster and risk reduction
    • Early warning system
    • Dynamic modelling in climate system
  • Satellite Technology
    • Sensor platform
    • Micro satellites
    • Radar detection and imaging
    • UAV technology




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