Language in the Online & Offline World 5: The Amplitude

Language in the Online & Offline World 5: The Amplitude

Tanggal: 19 – 20 April 2016

Tempat: Petra Christian University, Jl. Siwalankerto 131, Surabaya

Harga tiket masuk:

  • Rp 400,000 (for graduate students only)
  • Rp 600,000 (for teachers, lecturers, researchers and practitioners) (early registration rate)

Language in the Online & Offline World 5: The Amplitude

A Biennial Conference by the English Department of Petra Christian University, Indonesia.

The conference welcomes contributions covering the following topics:

  • Business communication and education business practices
  • Material development in business communication and education practices
  • Business translation and interpretation
  • Media, values, culture, and language creativity
  • Character building through media and language education
  • Digital education, community and culture
  • Discourses in classroom/media/the work place

The invited speakers are:

  1. Professor Dr. Stephen J. Hall: Business Discourse and Being Ourselves: Digital and Cross Cultural Challenges
  2. Professor Dr. Jayakaran Mukundan: Creativity in Language Classrooms
  3. Dr. Willy A. Renandya: Writing for an Academic Journal: Issues and Challenges
  4. Jennifer Uhler, MA: Teaching Business English in the 21st Century
  5. Professor Dr. Esther Kuntjara: Researching Chinese Indonesians: Language & Culture
  6. Associate Professor Dr. Lee Su Kim: Writing from a Multicultural Heritage: A Nyonya’ s Perspective
  7. Dr. Liliek Soelistyo: Researching Chinese Indonesians Using Polyvocality
  8. Cho, Youn Chu, M.A., M.F: Teaching Korean as a Foreign Language

Info dan kontak:

The Committee of “Language in the Online and Offline World 5: The Amplitude”
English Department
Petra Christian University
Siwalankerto 121-131
Surabaya 60236, Indonesia

CP: Ms. Priska at +62-31-2983060 or Ms. Henny at +62-31-2983072

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