Language in the Online & Offline World 4

Language in the Online & Offline World 4

Date : May 27 & 28, 2014

Location : Conference Room, Radius Prawiro Building – 10th floor, Petra Christian University, Surabaya

Language in the Online & Offline World 4

The objectives of this conference are challenging the ways people teach and study language and re-examining the studies of linguistic trends and practices in a globalized and digitalized world. We expect that this conference will bring together multidisciplinary researches and perspectives on the social, pedagogic aspects and linguistic impacts of the online and offline use of language.

Papers are invited on the following sub-topics:

  1. Innovative language teaching
  2. Values in language teaching
  3. Media and language creativity
  4. Digital community and culture
  5. Global-local nexus of communication
  6. Discourses in classroom/media/the work place

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