[JCI Bandung x Innovation Factory] Rise & Grow Your Startup!

Tanggal: 18 Desember 2020
Tempat: Zoom
Pukul: 15.00-17.30 WIB
Pendaftaran: GRATIS!

[JCI Bandung x Innovation Factory] Rise & Grow Your Startup!

Hello, there!

Since 2020 is almost over, we would like to bring you to one more exciting session:
“Rise & Grow Your Startup” with Aditia Dwiperdana – Co-Founder & VP of Talent of Agate International and Samiaji Adisasmito – COO & Co-Founder of Jojonomic.

BLOCK71 in collaboration with JCI will bring you the end year event special for your startup. As we know there’s a lot of factors that determined startup success, one of them is the startup team itself. It is not easy to maintain the startup sustainability for more than 5 years and keep the business running. We’ll explore more about how to scale up your startup by focusing on the internal team as one of the important factors to grow your startup.

So, how did Agate International manage to run for more than 5 years? And how Jojonomic handle their team?

What are the challenges? What did they do to solve their internal problems?


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