Islamic Tourism Expo 2018 – Makassar & Jakarta

Islamic Tourism Expo 2018 – Makassar & Jakarta


  • Makassar : 5-6 Juli 2018
  • Jakarta : 8 Juli 2018


  • Makassar : Phinisi Ballroom, Grand Clarion & Convention
  • Jakarta : Sasono Mulyo Ballroom, Le Meridien Hotel

Islamic Tourism Expo 2018 - Makassar & Jakarta

Indonesia is a country with the largest Muslim population in the world. Politically, Indonesia is a stable democracy, with high economic growth in the last decade.The current number of Muslim inhabitants in Indonesia is estimated more than 230 million individuals and about one million of them perform Umra to Saudi Arabia every year. This fact places Indonesia as the second country that sending Umra pilgrims in the last 1438 H Umra season. When the hajj season arrives, as the country with the largest Muslim population, Indonesia also gets the largest hajj quota from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. More than 220 thousand hajj pilgrims has departed to the holy land in this 2017 season.

The above facts encourage the Muslim tourism industry to thrive in Indonesia. More than 900 travel agencies handling Umra hajj pilgrims and Muslim tours have received official license from the Ministry of Religious Affairs. This is the potential market that needs to be considered for your business development.

It is logical that entrepreneurs in the field related to Hajj, Umra and Muslim tourism develop their business in Indonesia. Islamic Tourism Expo is (ITE) one of the biggest event in the world for the category of Hajj, Umra & Muslim Tourism Exhibition. As a part of International Islamic Event, Islamic Tourism Expo is presenting a great opportunity to discover fresh ideas and is the global meeting point amongst Islamic Tourism Industries.

Why Attend?

The main objective for exhibitors and visitors at ITE is to gain more business with people they would not usually get the chance to meet. By visiting Islamic Tourism Expo you can reach new markets and develop existing contacts.

Attending Islamic Tourism Expo as a Buyer is a very effective way to increase your business and expand your network of reliable and high quality international suppliers, over just three days.

The reason that buyers attend ITE is to have a lot opportunity to enhance your business and interact with the right suppliers:

  • Leading Wholesalers, Agent Umra-Hajj and Moslem Tours
  • Hoteliers, Airlines, Transportation Companies, Insurance, Bank
  • Leading Tour Operators from ASEAN Countries, Central Asia, Middle East & Africa

Who Will I Meet at Islamic Tourism Expo?

As a part of International Islamic event, ITE is the global meeting point between Islamic tourism agencies, hoteliers, airlines, catering companies, visa providers and bus companies as well as the Umra-Hajj policy makes and related parties. Over 100 exhibitors not only from Indonesia but also from overseas such as Asean Countries, Middle East, Central Asia and Africa choose ITE as a platform to showcase their products and services under one roof over three days.

Islamic Tourism Expo is the right moment for Hajj, Umra and Islamic Tourism Community.

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