International Workshop on Geothermal Technology and Business (IWGTB) 2016

International Workshop on Geothermal Technology and Business (IWGTB) 2016

Tanggal: 25 – 26 Oktober 2016

Tempat: Balairung UI, Depok


Geothermal is a clean and environmentally friendly energy resource that emits near-zero emissions. We should be grateful that God has blessed our country with the largest geothermal potential in the world, (29,000 MWe or about 40% of world reserves). At present, the installed capacity used is about 1500 MWe, or about 5% from geothermal potential in Indonesia. However, geothermal energy is the most promising renewable energy that can be developed in large capacity in order to overcome the increasing of electricity demand.

We understand that the geothermal energy business is a high risk and high capital bussiness. The effort in reducing business risk, especially by increasing the ability to enhance technology becomes a very important and interesting topic to be discussed. What kind of the efforts that need to be done?

Find the answers here: “International Workshop on Geothermal Technology and Business”, organized by Directorate of Research and Community Engagement Universitas Indonesia and Master Program in Geothermal Exploration Graduate Program of Physical Science Departement of Physics Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Universitas Indonesia with theme: “Reducing Geothermal Business Risk by Enhancing Technology”.

The Workshop will be delivered through various events: Panel Discussions and Technical Presentations as well as Exhibitions involving various stakeholders (regulators, business, practicians, technology experts and academicians) from domestic and international.

Keynote Speaker:

  • Prof. Manfred P. Hochstein (The University of Auckland)

Panel Discussion:

  • Geothermal Policy and Regulations
  • Geothermal Technology
  • Geothermal Business and Investments

Technical Presentations:

  • Geothermal Education and HRD
  • Geothermal Exploration Technology
  • Geothermal Production Technology
  • Geothermal Multiplier Benefits



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