International Symposium of Osseo Integration (ISOI) – Bali

International Symposium of Osseo Integration (ISOI) – Bali

Tanggal: 25 – 26 November 2016

Tempat: Harris Hotel and Residences, Bali


International Symposium of Osseo Integration (ISOI)

Dental Implant : Long Lasting and Aesthetic Anchorage

Science and Technology plays a vital role in the world of dentistry. To maintain our knowledge in the rapid growth of Dental Equipment and Implant Technology, the Internation Symposium of Osseo Integration and the INDEX team help organize and provides trade events that supplies and educates all dentists to keep up-to-date and stay ahead in the field. This event is open to all dental practicioner whether you are a General Practicioner, a Specialist, or an Implant Enthusiasts by registering a pass for FREE via our website.


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