International Conference on Industrial Internet of Things 2016 – Bandung

International Conference on Industrial Internet of Things 2016 – Bandung

Tanggal: 23 – 25 November 2016

Tempat: Bandung

International Conference on Industrial Internet of Things 2016 - Bandung

Technology, Informatics, Management and Engineering Research Support (TIMERS) Indonesia dengan bangga mempersembahkan: International Conference on Industrial Internet of Things 2016 – Bandung

Topik yang akan dihadirkan:

  • Control: Modern and Advance Control; Linear and Nonlinear Control; Computational Intelligence Control; Adaptive and Robust Control; Multi Agents Control; Networked Control; Fault Detection and Control; Control Performance Assessment; Industrial Control Applications; Evolutionary Control; Model-Predictive Control; Optimal Control; Hybrid Control, Discrete Event Control; Biological Control.
  • Automation: Industry Applications; Modern Heuristics Methods in Factory Automation; Mechanism Design and Applications; Energy Management Systems; Home and Building Automation; Intelligent Manufacturing Systems; Intelligent Transportation Systems; Service and Public Sector Systems; Environmental Systems; Robotics & Mechatronics; Formal Modeling and Analysis of Manufacturing Systems; Synthesis and Analysis Techniques, Performance Evaluation and Reliability; Preventive Maintenance; Automated Manufacturing Systems; Enterprise Data Server and Integration; Programmable Logic Controller; Distributed Control System; Human Machine Interface (HMI); Process Automation Network; SCADA; Intelligent Automation; Asset Management Systems (AMS); Supply Chain; Precision Motion; Automation Network; Computer Integrated Manufacturing; Fault Diagnosis; Integration Technologies.
  • Communication & Mobile Technologies: Body area networks; Capacity, Throughput, Outage, Coverage; Cognitive radio networks; Congestion and Admission Control; Congestion, load and admission control; Dynamic spectrum management; Future wireless Internet; Internet of things; Interworking Heterogeneous Wireless/Wireline Networks; Localization for Wireless Networks; Location dependent networks; Mesh, Relay, Sensor and Ad Hoc Networks; Mobile and Wireless IP; Mobile computing; Mobility, location, and handoff management; Multi-hop and relay networks; Multimedia QoS and Traffic Management; Network architectures; Network Estimation and Processing Techniques; Performance of E2E Protocols over Wireless Networks; Proxies and Middleware for Wireless Networks; Robust routing; Satellite communications; Self-organizing networks; Smart cities and smart grids; Vehicular networks; Wireless Broadcasting, Multicasting, Geo-casting, Streaming and Routing; Wireless Network Security and Privacy; Wireless sensor networks; Machine to Machie (M2M) Communication; IP-based and Web-based Communication and Applications; Self-configurable Systems ; Integration of Automation Networks; Real-Time and (Networked) Embedded Systems (RTNES); Green communication systems and network; Sensor Networks and Embedded System; Network and information security; Wireless and optical networks; Routing and Control Protocols; Broadband wireless access.
  • Informatics: Machine Learning and Data Mining; Classification and Clustering; Multi-resolution Techniques; Information Retrieval; Artificial Neural Networks; Knowledge based networks; Fuzzy systems and applications; Evolutionary Algorithms Genetic algorithms; Evolution strategies; Genetic programming and evolutionary programming; Computer Vision and Image Analysis; Intelligent Image, Signal, and Speech Processing; Information Systems; Mobile Computing; Multimedia Applications; Natural Language Processing; Parallel and Distributed Computing; Performance Evaluation; Programming Languages; Re-configurable Computing Systems; Security & Cryptography; Software Engineering & CASE; Algorithms; Computational Intelligence; Automated Software Engineering; Bioinformatics; Compilers and Interpreters; Computer Animation; Computer Architecture & VLSI; Computer Architecture and Embedded Systems; Computer Games, Graphics & Virtual Reality; Computer Modeling; Computer Networks and Security; Computer Vision; Computer-aided Design/Manufacturing; Computing Ethics; Data Communications, Compression and Encryption; Data Mining; Databases; Digital Library; Signal and Image Processing; Distributed Systems; Event Driven Programming; Expert Systems; High Performance Computing; Theoretical Computer Science; User Interface; Dilution of Organizational Boundaries; The centrality of Information System (IS) and IT in Organizational Processes; Innovation and IS; Enterprise Application Integration; Enterprise Resource Planning; Business Process Change; Iterative and Incremental Methodologies; Agile Methodologies; IS Design and Development as a Component-Based Process; IS Design and Development as Social Negotiation Process; IS Design and Development as a Global and Distributed Process; E-Learning and Teaching.
  • Engineering: Advancement of Knowledge Engineering Sciences; Agricultural Engineering; Automotive Engineering; Bio-medical Engineering; Chemical Engineering; Civil Engineering; Communication Engineering; Computer Engineering; Control System Engineering; Electrical and Electronic Engineering; Environmental Engineering; Food Engineering; Geomatic Engineering; Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering; Interdisciplinary Engineering; Marine Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; Mining and Mineral Processing Engineering; Space Science and Space Engineering; Information, Computer and Communication Technology (ICT); Advancement of ICT Knowledge; Artificial Intelligence; Communication; Computation Theory and Mathematics Data; Database Technology; Educational Technology; Emergent Information Technology; ICT Applications; ICT Infrastructure; ICT Policy and Social Impact; Information Systems; Multimedia Security System; Signal Processing; Software; Software Engineering and Web Technology.
  • Technologies: Aerospace Technology; Energy Technology; Engineering Materials; Nanotechnology; Process Technology; Resource-Based Technology; Water Technology; Environment Technology; Bio and Nature inspired Technology; Vehicular Technology; Industrial Technology; Communication Technology; Multimedia Technology; Mobile Technology; Transportation Technology; Unmanned Systems; Geographical Information System (GIS).
  • Sensor and Actuator: Vision Sensing; Sensors Signal Processing; Sensors and Actuators; Sensors Phenomena and Modelling Sensors; Smart Sensors and Sensor Fusion; Electromagnetic Sensors; Chemical and Gas Sensors; Physical Sensors; Electronic Nose Technology; Biological Sensors; Electro-optic Sensors and Systems; Mechanical sensors (inertial, pressure, and tactile); Nano Sensors ; Acoustic, Noise and Vibration Sensors; Wireless Sensors and WSN; Body Area Network; Internet of Things (IoT); Security and Reliability of WSN; Optical Sensors (radiation sensors, optoelectronic/photonic sensors, and fibres); Lab-on chip; Sensor Arrays; Intelligent sensing; Telemetering; Online monitoring; Applications of Sensors (automotive, medical, environmental monitoring, consumer, alarm and security, military, nautical, aeronautical and space sensor systems, robotics, and automation); Solid State Sensors; Sensors for high energy physics applications; Particle accelerators and detectors; Internet-based and other Remote Data Acquisition; Education.

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