IndoRenergy 2017 Expo & Forum

IndoRenergy 2017 Expo & Forum

Tanggal: 12-14 Juli 2017

Tempat: Jakarta Convention Center (JCC)

IndoRenergy 2017 Expo & Forum

For our 9th Annual Event – IndoRenergy 2017 Expo & Forum, we will be bringing together businesses, sustainable energy industry trade associations, government agencies, and energy policy research organizations to showcase the status and near-term potential of the cross-section of renewable energy (bio fuels/biomass, geothermal, solar, water, wind) and energy efficiency technologies.

Based on REN21’s 2014 report, renewables contributed 19 percent to our energy consumption and 22 percent to our electricity generation in 2012 and 2013, respectively. Both, modern renewable, such as hydro, wind, solar and bio fuels, as well as traditional biomass, contributed in about equal parts to the global energy supply. Electricity generation from fossil fuels and nuclear accounted for about 78 percent, and worldwide investments in renewable technologies amounted to more than US$ 214 billion in 2013, with countries like China and the United States heavily investing in wind, hydro, solar and bio fuels. At the national level, at least 30 nations around the world already have renewable energy contributing more than 20 percent of energy supply. National renewable energy markets are projected to continue to grow strongly in the coming decade and beyond.

IndoRenergy 2017, co-located with IndoWater and IndoWaste 2017 Expo & Forum, is the region’s leading event dedicated to the renewable and alternative energy industries. No where else gives you the opportunity to reach and meet 10,000 industry professionals in one place at the same time and network with key industry buyers and influences. (

Take Benefit from Indo Renergy 2017

  • IndoRenergy 2017 is a focused event offered comprehensive information on new innovation technology to help the renewable and new energy industry improve its efficiency.
  • IndoRenergy 2017 will bring together key decision makers from the various manufacturing companies came to count on the event to explore new energy resources options for their business segments.
  • IndoRenergy 2017 has been designed to give exhibitors the opportunity to network with decision makers and top brass. People who may really ‘call the shots’. It is important since your time is valuable so that networking with people who can make the decision you need is what this major event is all about.
  • IndoRenergy 2017 is perfectly timed to take full advantage of the business opportunities arising from the increase in budgets allocated for financial services.
  • IndoRenergy 2017 is designed for business. You will have the added benefit to meet a broad range of related M&E professional as Indo Water 2017 and Indo Waste 2017. It is international shows under one roof, this will be magnet for high-level professionals from M&E sector to witness all the remarkable solutions from the world in one location.

Exhibit Profile:

  • Renewable Energy Products and Service Suppliers
    Suppliers, manufacturers or consultants in the area of PV & Solar Thermal Energy, Wind Energy, Geothermal Energy, Bioenergy.
  • Energy Management Companies
    Companies involved in consulting, Auditing, Energy Agencies, Metering,Building Energy Management Systems Energy Management Bureaus, ESCO’s, Facilities Management.
  • Professional Trade Associations
    Professions including Architects, Engineers, Project Managers, Solar, Wind, Bioenergy, Geothermal, CHP.
  • Building Service and Technology Providers
    Air Conditioning, Air Tightness, District Heating, Insulation, HVAC, Lighting, Heating and Cooling, Monitoring and Targeting, Motors and Drives, Refrigeration, Compressed Air, Process Specialists, Heat Recovery, Ventilation.
  • Energy Utilities and Suppliers
    State Utilities, Gas/ Electrical Suppliers, Independent Power Producers, Energy Service Companies.

Visitor Profile:

  • Building Design and Development Professionals
    Architects, Building/Consulting Engineers, Development Companies, Plant Owners and Operators, Building & Construction, Engineering, Consultant Service, Mechanical and Electrical Contractors.
  • Energy Users in Business, Industry and Public Sector
    Air Conditioning & Refrigerators Offices, Army/ Police, Auto Parts, Components & Automobile Assemblers, Retail units, Hotels, Sports and Leisure Centres, Community Centres, Healthcare/ Hospitals, Cosmetic, Pharmachem, Food and Agri, Mining, Iron, Steel, Metal and Machine Manufacturers, Forestry and Timber, Electronics, Local Authorities, Third Level Institutions, Waste and Water Pumping, Small and Medium Enterprises, Plastic & Rubber, Printing & Packing, Pulp & Paper,Textile & Garment, Leather & Footwear, Petrochemical, Furniture.
  • Energy Suppliers and Providers
    Independent Power Producers, Local Authorities, Renewable Energy Developers, State Utilities, Agents and Distributors, Original Equipment Manufacturers.
  • Related Interests
    Banks and Financial Institutions, Environmental NGOs. Education Institutes, Government Agencies

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