Indo Pet Expo 2016 – Tangerang

Indo Pet Expo 2016 – Tangerang

Tanggal: 23 – 25 September 2016

Tempat: Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) Bsd City, Tangerang

Harga tiket masuk:

  • Dewasa : Rp. 25.000
  • Anak-anak : Rp. 15.000
  • Anak dibawah 4 tahun : GRATIS!

Indo Pet Expo 2016 - Tangerang

Urban inhabitants of Indonesia’s largest cities, specifically in the Greater Jakarta Area, live increasingly complex lives. The challenges of living in an urban environment, like competition for jobs, overcrowding, and the capital’s seemingly insurmountable traffic, consciously or unconsciously induce stress in individuals, prompting them to focus on delightful hobbies. Among them are the keeping of pets by people who have a passion for animals, and have the means to maintain this hobby. Encouraging pet owners to bring their charges out and interact with other pet buffs to exchange know how and ideas can bring them together and positively impact their mental and emotional wellbeing.

The first Indo Pet Expo, which was held from 11 to 13 September 2015 at the Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) in the BSD district of Tangerang, the capital of Banten province, broke new ground for pet or animal buffs, as it brought together pet owners and movers in Indonesia’s pet business. As organizers of the event, the Indonesian Veterinary Medical Association (Perhimpunan Dokter Hewan Indonesia or PDHI) and Temaliis grateful for the support shown by our partners and clients in the pet sector, as well as pet or animal loving communities and the public at large, for making the 2015 Indo Pet Expo 2015 a success.

As organizers of the INDO PET EXPO II later this year, the event will feature the additions of Animal Health Expo and the 14th National Veterinary Scientific Conference of Indonesia (Konferensi Ilmiah Veteriner Nasional Indonesia or KIVNAS ke 14 PDHI). Like its first edition, the INDO PET EXPO II will be held at the Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) BSD, Tangerang, Banten from September 23 to 25 2016. The festivities will begin with a symposium for veterinarians (pra-KIVNAS) on 22 September 2016.

Event content:


We bring so many pets animal this time, so entertaining and fun:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Rabbits
  • Horse
  • Parrots
  • Reptile
  • Ornamental Fish
  • Sugar Glider
  • Ornamental Chicken
  • Domba Garut
  • and many more


The event will showcase a variety of health and care products for your pets or hobby animals. Geared to increase the wellbeing of the animals and their owners, the items include:

  • Food products for pets as well as exotic animals, and their nutrition and supplements
  • Animal care products
  • Animal accessories
  • Pet tools and medication
  • Grooming tools
  • A variety of animal care tools
  • Pet businesses and entrepreneurship
  • Exhibits and businesses for decorative fishes and aquariums, reptiles, rabbits, sugar-gliders and other exotic species


Take a look at many attractive show and competition at Indo Pet Expo 2016.

  • Dog Events:
    • Pets Education for Kids
    • Dancing Dog Performances
    • Pitt Bull Sport Competition
    • Agility National Competition 2016 by KAI Jaya
    • National Police K-9 (Baharkam) Satwa Polri Demo
    • Agility & Obedience Basic Training
    • Dog Lover Gathering
    • Indonesia Dog Champion Parade
    • Amazing Dog Race Games
    • Dog Fashion Show
    • Free Style & Dancing Dog Competition
    • Animal Shelters to care and adopt pets
  • “You and your pets” photo booth
  • Pet Grooming Showcase/Demo
  • Cats Palace show highlighting the variety of cat species in Indonesia
  • Demo on “decorating aquariums and choosing the right tropical fish species”
  • Aqua Scape.


The Activities of Service Groups in Raising Public Awareness and Educating the Public.

  • This involves groups offering animal clinic and veterinary hospital services
  • Consultation with Veterinarians
  • Raising awareness about animal welfare to the public by animal lover organizations
  • Educational classes in responsible pet ownership by animal lover communities and veterinarians
  • A talk show on the world of pets and companion animals in Indonesia and around the world
  • Meeting pet breeders and keepers of exotic animals
  • Education in the conservation of wild animals that become pets, and other related issues


Cats Palace show highlighting the variety of cat species in Indonesia.


This time we present a playground area for your kids, so fun and educational.


Do not worry if you feel hungry while in the expo, we present a variety of culinary at the food trucks , so yummy…

Info dan kontak:

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  • Email:
  • Facebook: Indo Pet Expo
  • Twitter: @indopetexpo
  • Website:
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