How to Create & Manage a Perfect Customer Experience

How to Create & Manage a Perfect Customer Experience

Tanggal: 29 Maret 2017

Tempat: JS Luwansa Hotel Jakarta

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How to Create & Manage a Perfect Customer Experiance

Facing the trend of mobile and internet, and speaking about the traditional concept of quality and service as selling points is not enough. New differentiation is needed and customer experience is the answer.

Customers who experience an interesting experience, tend to provide positive information to other consumers. Word of Mouth, opportunities for the company to get more customers. Have you build your company customer’s experience?


  1. Understanding the level of customer expectations
  2. Creating an emotional and rational connection in order to create customer loyalty
  3. Build customer experience as a new marketing strategy


  1. 2 times coffee break
  2. Lunch
  3. E-certificate
  4. Doorprize

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