Hello Market Solo #8

Hello Market Solo #8

Tanggal: 2 – 4 Desember 2016

Tempat: Upper Gallery, Solo Paragon Mall

Waktu: 10.00 – 10.00 WIB

Hello Market Solo #8

Lets discover to the most awaited marketplace with ‘love is free’ as our representing hippies theme! Bring your friends and fellow family along great weekend to filled your YEAR END SALE shopping spree!

A lot of Fashion Apparel, Accesories, Bag, Shoes, Sunnies, Headwear, Hijab Fashion, Men stuff, Kids apparel, Rare item, and many more from Solo-Jogja-semarang-jakarta tenant participants.

Event content:

  • Get a chance to meet and say Hi @fitrop AND @irvantoge at @etalage.id booth
  • Good Tune – Ciko Dahana
  • Dance Performance by USDS
  • Fashion Urban Nowadays Talkshow :
    • Anggita Perwita
    • Albert Aditama
    • Tiurreza Naulia
    • Okky Rahadian
    • Prizkila Nataya
  • Make-up Demo with MAKE OVER
  • Workshop Demo by Apeironcraft, Telesede, Loose.wood.
  • Live Accoustic : Pluviophile, I am Fine, Frankfurt.

Info dan kontak:

  • Telp: 085647200234
  • Email: hellomarketsolo@gmail.com
  • Twitter: @HelloMarketsolo