FooDelicious : The Art For Your Business

FooDelicious : The Art For Your Business

Tanggal: Saturday, 23rd November 2019
Tempat: Indity Coworking Space, Mall Golden Truly Lt.3, Jl. Gunung
Sahari No.59, Jakarta Pusat
Pukul: 10.00 AM – 03.00 PM
HTM: Rp. 500.000.- (Early Bird Rp. 200.000.-)

FooDelicious : The Art For Your Business

Greenpack Indonesia decided to hold an event “FooDelicious
: The Art For Your Business”.

This event will help culinary business-doers or potential business-doers who are willing to develop and advertise their menu both offline and online in learning the secret ‘trick’ for food production, food plating, and food photography for take-away service so that customers are lured and sales are increasing.

Well-arranged food menu and packaging can help boosting customers’ loyalty by affecting their psychological and emotional aspects through visuals.

Therefore, Chef Chandra Yudasswara as celebrity Chef, and Charlie Sugiri as Professional Food Photographer will share information, experiences, and tips and tricks. The aim is for the participants to obtain the knowledge and understand how to promote their culinary business to attract customers, get the customers to buy the products, and become loyal customers.

Besides the “FooDelicious : The Art For Your Business” event, Greenpack Indonesia, which has been operating for 6 years, will also host the event of “Greenpack Indonesia Award” as a form of appreciation for 3 loyal customers.

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