Everyday Entrepreneurs 3: Engaging Approach in Customer Acquisition

Everyday Entrepreneurs 3: Engaging Approach in Customer Acquisition

Tanggal: 10 Oktober 2015

Tempat: Kafein Barresca, Gedung Madalle Graha,Jalan Faletehan I No. 1C, Jakarta Selatan, Jakarta Selatan

Waktu: 11.00-15.00 WIB

Harga tiket masuk: Rp 50,000/PAX

Everyday Entrepreneurs 3: Engaging Approach in Customer Acquisition

Everyday Entrepreneurs is built off the idea of gathering people who share the same journey together, and being able to contribute to the local startup community. Being non-profit event, we’re doing this sincerely to help with what we can, in the most casual and friendly way possible.

We have but one rule: wear casual clothes! Don’t you dare come to our event with a suit and tie.

● TOPIC ●  
Creative Marketing: Engaging Approach in Customer Acquisition

Basic understanding in marketing is essential in the world of business. It can get pretty frustrating when you’re trying all you can to get your brand out there but not really getting anywhere. Even once you get your brand awareness down, you still have to find a way to eventually turn that into traction. You need to get creative!

This time at Everyday Entrepreneurs, we will be discussing how you can creatively plan towards your first successful customer acquisition. We’ve invited some bright and young marketeers to sit down and chat with us!

● GUEST ●  
Achmad Alkatiri – Digital Marketer 
Achmad is all about social media and digital marketing. With his expertise in daily engagement, media buying, campaign/activation strategies, and utilising tools for social platform integration, he’s been honoured with the “10 Indonesia Best Young Marketeers Award” in 2014. His previous experiences include Wego.com and Valadoo Indonesia.

Windy Natriavi – Co. Head of Go-Clean , Go-Glam, and Go-Massage 
Windy is passionate about the world of entrepreneurship and loves solving business problems in an analytical manner. She recently joined GO-JEK and has since been co-leading their business development in four new projects. Got a lingering problem with your startup? Windy’s the person to go to.


● For who? ●  
All you entrepreneurs, soon-to-bes, freelancers, small business owners, marketing enthusiasts, or really just anyone who’s passionately curious.

● Why? ●  
Because some entrepreneurial events out there are just too damn serious and intimidating.

● How? ●
RSVP and get your tickets now!
(Don’t forget to bring a pen and notebook.)

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Ticket price is IDR 50,000 – includes lunch.

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