Cyber Security Indonesia

Cyber Security Indonesia

Tanggal: 6 -8 November 2019
Tempat: Jakarta Convention Center (JCC)
HTM: Free

High Level Conference

A comprehensive 3-day single-stream conference programme bringing together Indonesian policy makers, leading security experts from around the globe, cyber & information security practitioners, vendors etc. to address current issues and trends, examine case studies and discuss on securing the 3 key areas of

  • national security
  • critical infrastructure
  • commercial & industrial IOT

Trade Exhibition

A display from over 100 sponsors, exhibitors and represented companies showcasing the most relevant and cutting-edge cyber security technologies, solutions, applications, products and services to over 2,000 cyber and information security professionals from the Government and private sectors.

Technology Seminar

Presentation from leading cyber and information security vendors from around the globe on their technologies, solutions, applications, products and services.

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