CHELATION (Chemical Engineering Debate Competition) – Chernival 2015

Lomba Debat CHELATION – Chernival 2015 – Surabaya


  • Pendaftaran: sampai 19 Februari 2015
  • Technical meeting: 27 Februari 2015
  • Babak penyisihan: 28 Februari 2015
  • Perempat final dan Final: 1 Maret 2015

Tempat: ITS Surabaya

Biaya pendaftaran:

  • Tanpa akomodasi: Rp. 450.000
  • Dengan akomodasi: Rp. 650.000

CHELATION (Chemical Engineering Debate Competition) - Chernival 2015

CHELATION 2015 adalah sebuah kompetisi debat yang terbuka untuk SMA sederajat dengan mengangkat tema: National and International Chemical Engineering and Energy Issue.

Eligibility of Participant

  • Each high school may send at most two teams for the main list while the other extra teams will put on the waiting list.
  • Each team consists of three members. All members of a team must be enrolled in the same school and they must be enrolled as full time students in a high school, proven with the letter from student’s institution.
  • Participants should be from high school within Java and Bali
  • CHELATION 2015 comittee has any rights to investigate the legitimacy of participants and reserves the right to expel any team or person who is bona fide cannot be established to this satisfaction
  • All debates will be conducted in English.
  • The committee accepts only 20 teams.

Pendaftaran online: CHELATION 2015


  • Juara 1: Rp. 3.000.000 + Trofi + Sertifikat
  • Juara 2: Rp. 2.000.000 + Trofi + Sertifikat
  • Juara 3: Rp. 1.500.000 + Trofi + Sertifikat

Info dan kontak:

  • Facebook: Chernival
  • Twitter: @Chernival2015
  • Website:
  • Email:

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