Beauty Fest Asia 2017

Beauty Fest Asia 2017

Tanggal: 18-19 Maret 2017

Tempat: Ciputra Artpreneur, Ciputra World 1, Jakarta

Harga tiket masuk:

  • Paket Social : Rp. 99.900 (Retail price : Rp. 599.900)
  • Paket Kecantikan : Rp. 1.124.900 (Retail price : Rp. 1.499.900)
  • VIP Package : Rp. 1.874.925 (Retail price : Rp. 2.499.900)
  • Brand Lab : Rp 3.500.000

Beauty Fest Asia 2017

BeautyFest Asia is South-east Asia’s leading beauty conference and exhibition featuring global beauty influencers, latest beauty products, and current trends and innovations across the beauty industry.

This beauty exhibition also include beauty talkshow about the greatest trend and innovations across the industry, beauty class, and meet & greet with beauty influencers.


Tina Yong
Australia’s famous Beauty vlogger based in Sydney. She is a multi-talented makeup artist, Foodie and jet setter. With over 2,000,000 fans and followers, she inspires her audience with makeup hack, DIY and her signature “Tina Tries It’ reviews.

Raised in Bangkok and lived in London for 8+ years, this Beauty guru and theatrical artist has been gaining lots of fans on the social Network and in the world of Fashion. Her work had been seen on Fashion shows, magazines as well as Beauty Clinics in Thailand. Coming from a makeup artist background, she enjoys traveling, Fashion, Lifestyle and Pokemon! Pearypie has over 2,000,000 million fans and followers.

Archangela Chelsea
A successful Hollywood makeup artist with over 50,000 fans and followers, Archangela Chelsea started her career when she was just 15 years old. Started as a freelancer, her first big gig was to dressed Charlie Weber. She was also trusted as a makeup artist for America’s Next Top Model and Lanvin’s Fashion show in Los Angeles.

Rachel Goddard
Currrently based in Guangzhou, Rachel started her career in a Beauty magazine industry, and now becoming one of the most famous Beauty vlogger from Indonesia with over 300,000 fans and followers. With her talent, she is consistently booked for Beauty commercials, bridal weddings, campaigns, and as A-List trendsetter for red carpet.

Writing has been her passion, a reason why Michelle Hendra (known as Michimomo) started her blogging career. With a good eye in Fashion and Beauty industry, she collaborates with other influencers to produce worthy-read contents. Now she have over 100,000 fans and followers.

Arysa Nafisa
A makeup artist graduated from Lasalle College International Jakarta. With over 100,000 fans and followers, Arsya enchants her fans through makeup tutorials and cosmetic collaborations. She embraces hijab Fashion and beauty in a modern world.

Amelia Bunjamin
Fashion graduate from Melbourne, her blog started off as a diary, as she loved to write. A Fashion blogger with her own clothing line Apparel After Dark, Amelia has over 50,000 fans and followers

A 28-years-old Beauty blogger in Indonesia. Through her blog, she shares tips about korean makeup, favorite products and Beauty hacks. As of now, Sasyachi have over 100,000 fans and followers who are eager to get up to date Korean Beauty tips and tricks.

Cindy Karmoko
A fashionista’s platform and compilation of daily outfits and photography, Cindy’s blog Hippiegonemad began her journey in 2011. It was featured in local and International press, and with her moving to Milan, the blog grew faster than ever with over 50,000 fans and followers. It was featured by huge International websites such as Nastygal, Teen Vogue, Net-a-porter for her unique street-style.

Sarah Ayu Hunter
This gorgeous lady is a hit vlogger who talks about makeup tutorials and Beauty products recommendation. For anyone who is into eye makeup, Sarah’s Youtube Channel is a must visit, with 300,000 fans and followers. Her vlogs are always detailed with honest reviews!

Jovi Adhiguna Hunter
One of The Hunter siblings, who is a makeup and Fashion junkie. Jovi has over 200,000 fans and followers, making him one of the top vloggers in Indonesia. He express his trademark of wearing all black and oversized, pairing them with wedges, clutch and makeup.


Ticket categories:

  • Social Package
    • Special : Rp. 99.900
    • Retail price : Rp. 599.900
  • Beauty Package
    • Presale 2 (until 10 March 2017) : Rp. 1.124.900
    • Retail price : Rp 1.499.900
  • VIP Package
    • Presale 2 (until 10 March 2017) : Rp. 1.874.925
    • Retail price : Rp 2.499.900
  • Brand Lab : Rp 3.500.000 (until 18 March 2017)

Here’s What You Get:

  • The Social Package
    • Two days pass to BeautyFest Asia 2017
    • Entry at 12 Noon
  • The Beauty Package
    • Two days pass to BeautyFest Asia 2017
    • Global Talkshow + Beauty Classes on BeautyFest Stage (sit only)
    • Global and Regional Influencer and Greet
    • Regional Beauty Influencer Meet and Greet
    • Attend The Beauty Awards
    • Early Entry at 11AM
    • Goodie Bag
  • The VIP Package
    • Two days pass to BeautyFest Asia 2017
    • Dedicated VIP check-in and entrance
    • VIP seat at live talk shows on BeautyFest Stage
    • VIP Global Beauty Classes on BeautyFest Stage (live make over on stage with limited seats)
    • VIP access to Global and Regional Influencer Meet and Greet
    • Front-row seat at Beauty Gala Show
    • Access to VIP Lounge
    • Early Entry at 10AM
    • VIP Goodie Bag
  • Brand Lab
    • Attend to 6 Brand Lab seminars by industry expert
    • Exclusive “Speed-dating” with Regional Influencers
    • Two days pass to BeautyFest Asia 2017
    • Global Beauty Classes on BeautyFest Stage (sit only)
    • Global and Regional Influencer and Greet
    • Attend The Beauty Awards
    • Early Entry at 11AM
    • Brand Lab Goodie Bag

All Categories will get :

  • Live talk shows on BeautyFest Stage
  • Over 40+ Beauty Brands at The Galleria
  • Regional Beauty Influencer Meet and Greet
  • Regional Beauty Classes on BeautyFest Stage (sit only)

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  • Website:
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