BCA Jakarta Sneaker Day 2018

BCA Jakarta Sneaker Day 2018

Tanggal: 1-3 Maret 2018
Tempat: The Hall 8th Floor, Senayan City, Jakarta

BCA Jakarta Sneaker Day 2018

Attention, sneakerhead! Jakarta Sneaker Day 2018 “Back to The Roots” is back in town!

PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA), sebagai bank andalan masyarakat yang selalu berupaya memberikan pelayanan terbaik di beragam segmen, kembali nih menggelar satu acara tahunan untuk para pecinta sneaker bertajuk ‘BCA Jakarta Sneaker Day 2018’.

Acara ini merupakan salah satu fokus BCA dalam melengkapi kebutuhan para nasabah khususnya generasi millenials. ‘BCA Jakarta Sneaker Day 2018’ akan digelar selama3 hari, mulai 1-3 Maret 2018 di The Hall Senayan City, Jakarta dengan tema “Back to the Roots!”.

Daftar kegiatan:

  • Sneaker Exhibition
    • The exhibition will consist of 30 tenants that have been curated and guaranteed the quality of their products, so that the audience does not have to worry about the product they purchased.
  • Sneaker Showcase
    • In showcase we will show some selected collection of sneakers which have high level of rareness and historical, so that the audience can see firsthand the development of sneaker from time to time.
  • Sneaker 101
    • Sneaker 101 is an education content where we will invite some of national and international interviewees which credible in sneaker world to be the speaker on stage, so that the audience can have active communication with them directly.
  • Sneaker Custom Showcase
    • In sneaker custom showcase, there will be a display for some customized sneakers as a masterpiece of the local artist with a various custom techniques.
  • Giveaway
    • Giveaway is our annual content in Jakarta Sneaker Day, every audience that came to the event will get a chance to win sneakers for free.
  • Talkshow
    • Talkshow which we called “Sneaker 101” is an education content where we will invite some of national and international interviewees whichcredible in sneaker world to be the speaker on stage, so that the audience can have active communication with them directly. Content to be discussed is related to sneaker world, in its relationto certain aspects such as economy, business, social, art and else.
  • Music Performance
    • We will feature national musicians to entertain the audience in the venuewith music genre that associated with sneaker culture. Yacko, Mardial, Ramengvrl, A. Nayaka, Gbrand, tuantigabelas, RROB.
  • Auction
    • Sneakers that will be auctioned is customized by the local customizer.
  • Steal Deal
    • Steal Deal area will provide sneaker product with discount up to 50%,this area are intended to attract new comer or sneakerheadas a part of our “back to the root” theme.
  • Trading Pit
    • In Trading Pit, all the sneakerhead they will be able to do the transactionor exchange the sneakers that they own with one to another.

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