Apkasi Otonomi Expo 2017

Apkasi Otonomi Expo 2017

Tanggal: 19-21 Juli 2017

Tempat: Hall A & B Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) Senayan, Jakarta

Apkasi Otonomi Expo 2017

APKASI OTONOMI EXPO 2017 is an annual exhibition event of Apkasi (Association of Regency Administrations in Indonesia) which has so far been held for 13 times. Previously known as “Apkasi International Trade and Investment Summit (AITIS)”, Apkasi Otonomi Expo 2017 is Apkasi’s latest grand initiative to support the Indonesian government programs in enhancing growth of local economies through trade and investment.

In addition to exhibition and business matching, a workshop will also be held on how to reap the benefits of global commodity market, promote entrepreneurship among locals, attract investment in the tourism sector, and develop SMEs branding. All topics are specifically prepared to meet the needs of the respective regencies and businessmen. The workshop will offer added values to the participants and businessmen by having expert and reputable speakers in respective fields to share their insight and knowledge.

Attended by more than 10,000 potential visitors annually, including local and international businessmen and investors, the Expo would be a strategic avenue to gain greater access on trading and investment opportunities. The participants may also get first-hand and exclusive information on business opportunities in all regions across Indonesia, through a series of field trip to selected business spots.

Apkasi Otonomi Expo 2017 will be held on 19-21 July 2017 at Hall A and B Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) Senayan, Jakarta and will be officially opened by the President of the Republic of Indonesia.

The theme of Apkasi Otonomi Expo 2017 will be “Cultivating the Entrepreneur Spirit of the Regions in Facing Global Competition”. A wide range of stakeholders will be taking part in the Expo including Provincial, Municipal and Regency Administrations, line of ministries and state institutions, state-owned enterprises, donor agencies, national and multinational companies, foreign trade attaches and Small and Medium Enterprises.

Apkasi Otonomi Expo 2017 focuses on the promotion of trade and investment in strategic sectors, i.e:

  • Energy and mining
  • Tourism Industries
  • Agriculture and farming commodities
  • Marine and fisheries
  • Infrastructure
  • Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Creative economy
  • Heavy equipment Industries
  • Machinery Industries
  • Banking/capital
  • Services and infrastructure of information and technology.

Business Matching

Business matching is one of the strategic activities in APKASI OTONOMI EXPO 2017. This event will match the needs of exhibitors, buyers and investors. To participate in business matching event, the participants should fill out a form on the product and investment details that will be offered on site, and will have a one-on-one meeting

The event will be held on the first day after the opening ceremony. With the systems and patterns of conformity managed professionally, it is believed that all participants will gain benefit and added values taking part in business matching event.

Exhibitors profile:

  • Regencies Governments
  • Province Governments
  • Municipalities
  • Ministries
  • State-Owned Enterprises
  • Foreign Trade Attaches
  • The Actors of Small and Medium Enterprises
  • National and Multi-national private company operating in the sectors:
    • Energy
    • Mining
    • Flight Services
    • Tourism Industries
    • Heavy Equipment Industries
    • Service and Infrastructure of Information Technology
    • Healthy Product and Tools Industries
    • Education Infrastructures
    • Roads and Building Infrastructure
    • Manufactures
    • Creative Economy Industries
    • Street Lighting Providers
    • Tourism Infrastructure
    • Agricultural and Marine Machineries
    • Banks and Financing Institutions

Visitors profile:

  • Head of Local Governments
  • Head of local government units
  • Relevant Ministries Officials
  • Ambassadors
  • Foreign Trade Attaches
  • Potential buyers and investors from national and International
  • Industries and Trading Businessmen
  • Members of Business Association
  • Representatives of Foreign Businessmen Association in Indonesia
  • Exporters
  • General Communities

For further information and how to register please visit apkasiexpo.com

Info dan kontak:

  • Telp: 021-27889480
  • Mobile: 081298401149 (Rizki Fauzi)
  • Email: info@apkasiexpo.com
  • Website: apkasiexpo.com
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