World Education Expo Festival 2016 [Pameran Pendidikan Seluruh Dunia]

World Education Expo Festival 2016 [Pameran Pendidikan Seluruh Dunia]

Tanggal: 20 – 21 Februari 2016

Tempat: Balai Kartini, Jakarta

Waktu: 13:00-18:00  WIB

Harga tiket masuk: GRATIS!

World Education Expo Festival 2016 [Pameran Pendidikan Seluruh Dunia]

“World Education Expo Festival is an annual education exhibition for Indonesian students who are thinking to the future and seeking to establish a prosperous career path. This festival aims to showcase educational institutions, linking them with future career options. For this reason, this festival will invite educational institutions as well as feature companies and career talks.

Education Expo
WEFEST will comprise of Education Fair and Career Talks / Demonstrations total of 100 institutions from 25 countries. It will include universities, vocational training, colleges, polytechnics, and academic institutions.

Career Talk and Demonstrations
WEFEST will feature companies as well as career keynote speakers who can inspire young students regarding their future career options. This exhibition will feature over 50 seminars, career talks, training workshops and trial tutorial classes from below industries:

  • Business and Finance
  • Hospitality and Culinary
  • Medicine and Science
  • Engineering
  • and many more



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Info dan kontak:

  • +62-21-293-193-84 (For Exhibitor Stand/Booth)
  • +62-21-293-193-85 (For Exhibitor Stand/Booth)

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