Summer & Boarding School Expo 2014

Summer & Boarding School Expo 2014

Tanggal: 9 November 2014

Tempat: Hotel Mulia Jakarta

Waktu: 14.00 – 18.00 WIB

Biaya pendaftaran: GRATIS!

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Meet more than 20 premier Boarding Schools from the US, Switzerland, UK and Canada in Jakarta on 09 November. These schools offer exciting programs in academics, athletics, and arts. Students ages 8-18 may attend for a summer, a year, or several years!

Are you interested in a summer, year or longer in an overseas International school, making friends from all over the world, taking interesting classes at premier schools, playing fun sports, and making the most out of your education?

Jadi jangan lupa untuk seru-seruan bersama di acara edukatif ini bersama peserta dari banyak latar belakang budaya.

Program acara:

  • SAT Prep
  • English as a Second Language
  • Computer animation
  • Art
  • Equestrian
  • Math
  • Radio/ TV Production
  • Theatre/ Musical Theatre
  • Foreign Language
  • Writing
  • Photography/ Film
  • Learning Differences
  • Literature
  • Music
  • Sciences
  • Olahraga:
    • Football
    • American Football
    • Baseball
    • Tennis
    • Golf
    • Skiing
    • Swimming
    • Hockey
  • Dan lainnya

Info dan kontak:

Website: and

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