Seminar 3D CAD by Solidworks

Seminar 3D CAD by Solidworks – Jakarta

Tanggal: 21 Mei 2015

Tempat: Cemara 2 Hotel , Jl Wahid Hasyim 69 Jakarta Pusat

Biaya pendaftaran: GRATIS!

Seminar 3D CAD by Solidworks

Explore your 3D design experience throughan imprtant 3D CAD seminar by Solidworks

Topik yang akan dibahas adalah:

  • Why Turning 2D Design to 3D Design?
  • How Engineer Communicate to Present the Product?
  • How To Reduce the Probability of Product Damage & Failure Production?

Pendaftaran peserta: 3D CAD Seminar

Info dan kontak:

Nickole ( 0811-8253-832 )

*dipublikasikan oleh @InfoJadwalEvent


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