Youth Tambora Trekking

Youth Tambora Trekking


  • Event utama: 29 – 30 Agustus 2015
  • Opsi camp dari 28 Agustus 2015
  • Moyo & Satonda Tour: 31 Agustus 2015

Tempat: Doro Ncanga, savanna dan kaldera Gunung Tambora. Kegiatan pendukung di calabai, Pulau Moyo dan Satonda.

Biaya pendaftaran:

  • Early Registration Period (Before 18th June 2015) | IDR 2375K
  • Normal Registration Period (18th June – 17th August 2015) | IDR 2500K
  • Last Chance – if still available (18th – 27th August 2015) | IDR 2625K

Youth Tambora Trekking

In April 1815 Tambora volcano vomited the content of its stomach. One whole year in 1816, the sun was blocked by dust of Tambora. Global warming occured because the Earth surface temperature had decreased. “The year without summer”. Nowadays Tambora remains 2851 meters from the sea level with a giant caldera. If 200 years ago “Tambora greet the world” now “World geet Tambora” by its history, culture, science, and exotic landscape for tourism and adventure!

The Government of Province NTB initiated Tambora Menyapa Dunia (TMD) as a multievent to use the momentum of 200 years Tambora eruption as a development acceleration of Tambora area by tourism instrument. In thanksgiving night after TMD, The Governor of Province NTB (TGB Dr. M. Zainul Majdi) said ‘what next?’ as the most important mindset for that purpose.

#YouthTamboraTrekking is a ‘what next’ implementation of Tambora development. This event is initiated by Tambora Initiative in collaboration with Avalon Adventure in creative and adventure tourism atmosphere. The most important point of #YouthTamboraTrekking is the involvement of local society. By partnership with KOMPPAK, #YouthTamboraTrekking is involving local youth to take parts in event committe or direct parties. But everything is covering in professional system. We are very grateful to those who support this event one of them is the Ministry of Youth & SportsRepublik of Indonesia,

SAMOTA (Saleh, Moyo, Tambora) is an area with very rich natural potential. Almost everything of tropical natural destinations and landscapes are available here. Adventure in Mount Tambora, underwater, until coffee plantation are the example of the SAMOTA potential. By joining #YouthTamboraTrekking we challenge you to surge your adrenaline. We offer difference experience of wildlife. And we guarantee the beauty of your view.  ‘World Greet Tambora!’

It’s not only about tourists number but also education & science, culture preservation, and dedication to the homeland. In addition we also need your participation to support our environmental campaign by coral transplantation and clean trekking on #YouthTamboraTrekking.Whatever your nationality, wherever you live, whenever you was born, let’s write your life achievement by #YouthTamboraTrekking!

#YouthTamboraTrekking is consist of
Caldera Trekking || Savanna Camp || Moyo & Satonda Tour || Calabai Coral Transplantation
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