Pemuteran Bay Festival 2017

Pemuteran Bay Festival 2017

Tanggal: 13-16 Desember 2017
Tempat: Tanjung Dalem, Pemuteran, Gerokgak – Singaraja, Bali

Pemuteran Bay Festival 2017

Welcome to Pemuteran Bay Festival

Pemuteran Coastal Village is aimed and recognized  as model of best practices for Community Based Village Ecotourism as an effective tools for conservation of living landscape of nature and culture. Model Of Living application of local cultural value (Tri Hita Karana) Progressing from environmental disaster towards sustainable destination of choices.

Community Based Participative awareness which is the main key to achieve goals. As a choice destination of study tour of Leading international university, 9 from US and others from Australia and Japan. Pemuteran is recognized as the best coral reef rehabilitation project because of community support and participation. (

Pemuteran Bay Festival 2017 Rundown

Featured events:

  • Underwater Art Parade
  • Underwater Expo
  • Kids & Students Reef
  • Biorock Reef Conservation & Art Workshop
  • Culinary Bazaar
  • Colorun
  • Performing art stage
  • Photo Contest

Info dan kontak:

  • Facebook: Pemuteran bay fest
  • Website:

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