Indonesia HR Forum 2017 – Jakarta

Indonesia HR Forum 2017

Tanggal: 6-7 September 2017

Tempat: Hotel Mulia Jakarta

Harga tiket masuk: IDR 4,950,000 including VAT

Indonesia HR Forum 2017 - Jakarta Indonesia HR Forum 2017 - Jakarta

Indonesia Human Resources Forum (HRF) 2017
“The Rising Era of Asian Leaders : Making of Local Talents into Global Leaders”

Human Resources Forum (HRF) 2017 will be launch in Mulia Hotel on 6th – 7th September 2017 with theme “The Rising Era of Asian Leaders : Making of Local Talents into Global Leaders” in partnership with Indonesia Career Center Network (ICCN) of 200 Career Center (Pusat Kerja) from all over Indonesia.

With the rapid change in global competitiveness, industry downturns and economic outlook, maintaining competency and bridging the gap of our people in the region is the most crucial part of the people development process. This Human Resource Forum (HRF) 2017 is our initiative to build a community of discussion and implementation in developing a world-class National Competency and Capacity Development in Asia. The Rise of Asian Leader.

HRF is a place you will learn from the best through Key Inspiration Speeches, meet to discuss new HR solutions and money saving strategies, hands-on workshops with your peers and other industries, while attaining a Talent Management Certification. This is a start of a new beginning in building Asian Leaders.

Indonesia HRF 2017 aims to attract 300 Participant, 15 Exhibiting Companies, 1500 Visitors with Key Inspirational Speakers and hands-on workshop.

#Who are the Speakers?

Key Inspirational Speakers:

  • B.J Habibie
  • Su Yen Wong
  • Kuntoro Mangkusubroto


  • Ahmad Syamil
  • Dino Patti Djalal
  • William Sabandar
  • Johannes B. Wardhana
  • Dwikorita Karnawati
  • Rama Royani (Abah Rama)
  • Eileen Rachman

#Who are the Moderators?

  • Ahmad Yuniarto
  • Pambudi Sunarsihanto

#What are the Benefits of Attending?

  • Learn and be Inspired by Leaders
  • Expose to Asian Human Capital Network
  • Hands-on Workshops on People Management Issues
  • Meet and Discuss New HR Solutions and Strategies
  • Become a certified Talent Management Assessor

Make sure your company participate and be part of an effort to develop local talents into global leaders by showcasing the latest product and services,. The exhibition area is open for public visitors from accross – industries.

If you have any inquiries,please kindly reach us by phone at +6221 29236631 or by email at

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Info dan kontak:

+6221 29236631

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