Animal Training & Enrichment Conference December 2013

Animal Training & Enrichment Conference December 2013

Tanggal : 1 – 5 Desember 2013

Tempat : Bali Safari and Marine Park, Bali

Pelatihan Animal Training & Enrichment Conference December 2013

Ticking Down to ATEC 2013, Bali’s First Animal Training & Enrichment Conference December 1-5, 2013

Pelajari strategi training dan erichment satwa tingkat dasar dan lanjutan dari para profesional ternama di industri ini. ATEC Bali akan memaparkan :

  • Elemen kunci training dan erichment satwa yang sukses
  • Penyelesaian masalah
  • Menghadapi berbagai tingkah laku satwa
  • Menafsirkan bahasa tubuh
  • Record-keeping tingkat dasar
  • Menciptakan tim yang sukses
  • Demonstrasi konsep dengan satwa asli
  • Dan masih banyak lagi

Dengan dipandu oleh instruktur :

  1. Steve Martin
  2. Valerie J. Hare
  3. John Coe

Animal Training & Enrichment Conference December 2013

The clock is ticking down on Indonesia’s first Animal Training and Enrichment Conference to be held at the Bali Safari and Marine Park December 1-5, 2013 (ATEC 2013). World leaders and innovators in animal training and enrichment techniques for use with captive animal populations will be traveling to Bali to trade insights and share cutting edge methodologies for use by zoos, sanctuaries and animal parks.

Thos attending ATEC 2013 will experience a number of highlights:

  1. Meet Joe Coe who has designed zoos in more than 40 countries including the magnificent Bali Safari Marine Park. Joe will conduct walking tours while sharing his expertise on creating enriching animal exhibits.
  2. Share with Valerie Hare of The Shape of Enrichment, Inc. (SHAPE). Valerie is the guru of animal enrichment and a worldwide ambassador for best practice in animal care. Valerie currently serves on the International Conference on Environmental Enrichment Committee (ICEE) and Bear Care Group BOD.
  3. Steve Martin of Natural Encounter, Inc. will be traveling to Bali after appearing at the World Aquarium Zoo Association (WAZA). An recognized animal trainer for more than 30 years, Steve has worked with Disney’s Animal Kingdom, San Diego Wild Animal Park, AZA Animal Training School and the Elephant Management School in Hamburg Germany. He is also President of both Natural Encounters, Inc. (NEI) and Natural Encounters Conservation Fund, Inc. (NECF) – a company dedicated to raising money for conservation programs.
  4. The Venue: Bali Safari and Marine Park – Indonesia’s leading wildlife park has been awarded “A’ class accreditation as a wildlife and animal conservation institution. Home to the groundbreaking Bali Agung Theatre, participants  ar ATEC will gain privileged “behind the scene” insights from a team that prides itself on its care and expertise in the area of animal training and enhancement.
  5. Special events have been organized at the Bali Safari and Marine Park Bali Agung Theatre – a 1200 seat state-of-the-art performance center where Balinese culture and a wide range of wildlife are the stars.
  6. An exclusive night safari and dinner at the Bali Safari and Marine Park.

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